Helle Engineering LLC

What We Do

Our motto: “Make it happen.”
We provide our services throughout the United States; both on-site and remotely. Capital projects, system upgrades, routine maintenance, and on-call support services offered. 24 plus years experience in the Automation & Controls industry. Our passion for automation and innovative technologies separates us from the competition.

Automation & Controls

We provide automation and controls programming services for a wide variety of DCS, SIS, and PLC platforms.

I&E Services

Providing instrumentation and electrical tech services for the biofuels, chemical, and refining industries

Cyber Security

Acronis Managed Service Provider. Home, Commercial, and Industrial Business Protection. Backups and Threat Detection.

Certified System Integrator

AVEVA Registered System Integrator

Validated System Integrators (SIs) is critical to delivering AVEVA technologies to clients. As a system integrator, we’re part of a global community of partners, spanning all industrial sectors. That network gives you structured support and endless opportunities to grow.

Certified PI System Integrator

Utilize our industrial automation experience with the OSIsoft PI system. Our certified PI System specialists have a wide breadth of knowledge and are certified by OSIsoft to perform implementation and support services.

Rockwell Automation System Integrator

Rockwell develops and promotes System Integrator partners who are committed to delivering the highest technical solution and customer service that lead with Rockwell Automation technologies. System Integrators are resources who are best positioned to leverage RA technologies with a reduction in project risk and differentiate themselves with the ability to deliver across a broad geography.

Schneider Alliance Industrial System Integrator Program

The Alliance Program means a higher level business partnership between Schneider and key trusted partners to deliver the best solutions in energy management and automation required by the industry’s most demanding customers.

Additional Services

Custom Panels

Custom stainless steel electrical panels built to customer specifications. NFPA/NEC code compliant with UL listed or certified components. Panel design and dress outs available. Shipped or installed.

Custom Function Blocks

We can develop custom function blocks when they don’t exist to get the job done. Looking for Rockwell’s Allen Bradley FIFO function blocks? Tag Search functionality within FactoryTalk? We wrote them and you can own them.

Middleware Programming

Have you ever needed 2 software packages to communicate but they don’t, let us write the middleware to make them.

Ewon & Prosoft Configuration

We integrate EWON technologies to provide secondary data backup and SMS/Text alarming. When it comes to PLC integration we are well versed in Prosoft configurations.


Control Narratives, Cause & Effects, Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) drafting, Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) documentation, Site Acceptance Test (SAT) checklists, and standardized loop folders.

Other Services

Among the other services we offer: PI Historian Configuration, Aveva Integration, PCN Security, Backup Strategies, and Wireless Communication.

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